Artificial Intelligence Trade Setups

Trade setups are generated by our proprietary neural network, it has been trained with hundreds of strategies and is capable of dynamically creating countless new strategies, adjusting for markets and conditions.

Subscription is $99/mo. Buy the course with the subscription, get the course at 1/2 price. A fantastic value to get you started.

If you would like to buy a full year and get 2 months free, then click here

The training includes the following…

  • Interactive live online session w/Q&A
  • Trading and Risk management guidelines
  • PDF white paper and resources
  • Strategies and primer on futures trading

For more information on the AI Setups alerts and system, click here

AI Setups

AI generated trade setups monthly subscription.


AI Setups w/Course

The course is 1/2 price when purchased with the AI Setups subscription.

$125 + $99/mo


Held on Saturdays, replay included.