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Systems Trader

What is a Systems Trader? The answer to that question depends on whether you're talking about the industry of algorithmic trading, or you're talking about the growing community of retail traders that are running their own portfolio of automated trading systems. This website is dedicated to retail traders who want [...]

Discretionary Trader

What Is Discretionary Trading? Discretionary trading basically means you do your trading by hand. You take your signals from a variety of sources, or you have a specific strategy or set of tools that help you make trading decisions. There is little or no automation, for the most part you [...]

How To Get Started AutoTrading

Don’t let anyone tell you that systems trading stocks or futures is easy. I’ve been speculating in systems trading for nearly 15 years. And it wasn’t until I serendipitously found my mentors, did I start seeing success. The following is what I learned, and I suspect it will work for […] Read more