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Trading with Volume Profile is a live, online course, where you will learn to map out market structure using the ToF Volumetric methodology to identify precise entries and exits with solid risk to reward opportunities. Select date and time, listed in the eastern time zone.

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You will learn to master the ToF Volumetric Trading methodology to map out market structure and identify precise entries and exits with solid risk to reward opportunities. The course is live, online and interactive, with a limited class size to ensure personalized attention. We focus on trading Bitcoin, but include examples with traditional markets. This is what you will learn…

  • Analyze market structure
  • Predict reversal and continuation moves
  • Identify support/resistance zones, and price targets
  • Plan and execute high probability trades
  • Manage risk

You will be able to do all this without complex lagging indicators messing up your charts, using just price and volume. And your analysis won’t be based on pie in the sky theories like Elliott Wave, Fibonacci numbers, TD Countdowns, or Cypher Patterns, or the thousands of other weird methods of trying to identify market structure. You will be able to see exactly where support and resistance are, know where there’s strong and weak activity, where price is most likely to go, all using objective, in your face information, that is not lagging, but forward looking information.

The course includes live support and access to the on-demand course so you can replay the lessons, take quizzes and download supplements, also included is 1 month free trade alerts. Additionally you will be granted a full Juntocoin Investor membership, where a portion of your course fee is invested in the Juntocoin Club portfolio, with access to the forums and full club privileges.

The course uses the TradingView charting program’s VolumeProfile feature. This feature requires a paid subscription to TradingView, we recommend that you open a 30 day free trial prior to taking the course.


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