Trump’s Fiscal Plan Means Volatility And Opportunity For Traders In 2017

The New Year is finally here, and we are anticipating the market to make an exciting New Year’s resolution that will benefit traders. While volatility lacked in 2016, we expect the market to change it’s ways, and be more volatile 2017. The key driver for volatility revolves around the uncertainty of Trump’s economic policies. With […]

Statistical Arbitrage Basic Strategy

Statistical Arbitrage is a pairs or spread trading strategy, predominately used by hedge funds, investment banks, and professional traders. The strategy involves tracking the difference in notional value between two highly correlated instruments, like Silver and Gold futures, or the NoB spread, which is a trade between the 10 year and 30 year treasury futures […]

Why Trade Futures Over Stocks – Restrictions

Have you ever been locked out of trading because of a trading violation? Maybe your broker claimed you were a patterned day trader? Or have you missed an opportunity due to short selling restrictions? Perhaps shares weren't available to short? This happens a lot with small priced stocks, but can even happen with big stocks [...]

How do futures contracts roll over and why?

A futures contract has an expiration, and upon expiration there are costs and obligations associated with the settlement of the contract. The contract is settled one of two ways, either physical settlement or cash settlement. If you are a hedger, or your business deals in the physical asset, then you probably would choose physical settlement, […]

The Basics of Treasury Futures

Treasury futures are standardized futures contracts used to purchase US government notes and bonds for future delivery. When you acquire a treasury future, you are not obligated to take delivery unless you hold the futures contract through expiration. Only a hedger would do that. I’m assuming you are a speculator, not a hedger, that’s looking […]