Algorithmic Trading Master Course and Mentorship

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What You Get: You get a starter portfolio of strategies for both stocks and futures, along with all the source code (TradeStation EasyLanguage). These are the exact same strategies we run our clients’ money on, so they are proven money makers. You will be trained through live one-on-one sessions how to run your business, administer the system, and how to develop, curate and launch your own automated strategies. We are with you when you are ready to launch your system, with live support and mentoring…all this for a very affordable price.

This is by far the best way to get started with systems trading, you get proven profitable systems, a road map to start your business, and you are trained by an expert with over 30 years experience.

The Course is FREE! Click the TradeStation logo in the right sidebar, and that will bring you to my personal page on the TradeStation website, where you fill out an application to establish a TradeStation account. You will receive a special discount on trades that amounts to a rebate for the total cost of the AutoTrader. In effect you get the AutoTrader for free!

Use the scheduling app below to register for the course and select the date and time that works best for you to start your training.

Here's What You Will Learn...

  • How to setup your business*
  • How to set goals critical to your success*
  • How to administer your trading system*
  • How to find trading ideas
  • How to test strategies the right way
  • How to evaluate a trading system
  • How to build a strategy and deploy it
  • Why you need to treat your system like a major league baseball team
  • How to run a trading system campaign
  • How to avoid getting burned by scammers
  • Who are the people to believe in trading
  • How to tell if a trading strategy is a fake
  • 4 ways to test your strategy and fit for your portfolio
  • Why curating your strategies will lead to your success
*Bonus Course Additions: How to not only treat your trading like a business, but solid strategies and steps to creating your own automated trading business, which can lead to huge tax savings.
Included: Open Source Software, LIVE Admin Training, Online Course, 1 year of Unlimited LIVE Support.

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Is It Real or Hypothetical?

The performance report below shows nearly 10 years of backtested results of the system, the last two years were out of sample, which means it ran against live market data with no optimizations. While the report is hypothetical, and include generous slippage and commissions, the actual performance has proven to be slightly better.*