Learn to Trade Notes over Bonds - The NoB

This one-on-one, step-by-step training program, taught by professional trader and futures spread expert, Ernie Varitimos, will fully equip you to master the NoB trade with futures incorporating global macro concepts. The course focuses on the NoB spread (Notes over Bonds), as it is one of the favorites of hedge fund managers and institutional traders due to the high-reward and low risk nature.

After completing the training you can expect to have a firm understanding of how to trade the NoB and how to master the trade rules and analysis tools. You will learn how to execute Steeper and Flattener trades, using our proprietary strategies, the most popular trade with investment banks, institutional and professional traders.

The training includes…

  • Hands-on One-on-One Sessions using Skype
  • On-going Support and Mentoring
  • Real-time access to a live trade journal
  • Complete Global Macro spread trading strategy
  • Spread Ratio Calculator
  • Proprietary Trading tools for TradeStation, the same tools developed for and used by a multi-billion dollar hedge fund manager

Access to private Twitter where Ernie posts all his trades, plus annotated charts and global macro analysis. The posts can be configured to send real-time alerts to your smart phone.

Weekend class 11AM EST Sat or Sun Single Payment


Weekend class at 11AM EST Installments

3 Payments of $335

Schedule Your One-on-One Training $1500

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