Coaching and Mentoring

For Traders and Investors

The disciplines use the same skills and approach, where coaching is short term, task-based and mentoring is the development of a longer term relationship.

“A coach has some great questions for your answers, a mentor has some great answers for your questions.”

Our session-based program is pure coaching, our full program coaching will over time develop into a mentor-protoge relationship.

Trader coaching is a powerful way to gain awareness of yourself and your trading. We help new and experienced traders understand and overcome self-defeating patterns that get in the way of maximizing profits. If You’re Currently a Trader, Do You:

    • Give back your gains — consistently?
    • Feel like you’ve lost your mojo?
    • Hesitate to pull the trigger on a set-up and miss the resulting move?
    • Chase trades impulsively, causing you to buy high and sell low?
    • Cut your winners short and let your losing trades run?

Take Your Trading to
a New Level

Whether you’re a successful profitable trader or not, understanding your blind spots, where you self-sabotage and where you leave profits on the table is what will take you to the next level of trading.

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