Volume Profile Book for Traders and Investors

Volume Profile is the quintessential indicator for any serious retail or professional trader, and that’s because it is comprised of the two fundamental pieces of information in all charts’ data feeds, price and volume. It illustrates the market structure as it exists at the present moment…no lagging indicators here. In addition, Volume Profile shows exactly where the market perceives value and where support and resistance levels exist.

The book focuses on how to use Volume Profile in a comprehensive methodology we call Volumetric Analysis. This is where we combine market fundamentals with high probability chart patterns, volumetric principles, and the market structure and resulting behavioral characteristics revealed by Volume Profile, to chart the highest probability of future moves in the market.

The anticipated release of the Volume Profile Book for Traders and Investors is late 2018. However that does not mean you can’t take advantages of what this exciting book has to offer right away…in fact, you can participate in the creation of the book while receiving training, and special members-only content by becoming an Executive Producer of the book. Read Below for more information.

Become an Executive Producer of the Volume Profile Book