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Trade setups are generated by our proprietary neural network, that has been trained with hundreds of price, chart and volume patterns and strategies. The AI can instantly evaluate 20 years of data and dynamically evaluate countless combinations, resulting in a system that intelligently adjusts for ever changing markets and conditions.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Nobody can guarantee future performance, if they do then they are doing you a disservice and likely lying. The only way to judge a service is by the past performance from which you can make reasonable judgements on the risks. Here’s the truth about our service, since introducing AI Setups to the public 90% of the setups that have triggered and been covered in our trade room since October 4th of 2018 have been winners. Every single day has resulted in a positive P&L.

Ok, great! Will that continue? Highly unlikely. However, our trading over the past year and the alerts that I have publicly posted have shown a better than 85% win rate and hitting our profit targets more than 70% of the time, many times exceeding the target by 150% to 400%. That is documented and the truth.