Hardest Way To Make Easy Money

It’s everyone’s dream of becoming independent, no one to answer to, your own boss. Here are no colleagues that you are forced to get along with, no customers and no rules to follow. Everything is easy, bills get paid and there’s plenty discretionary money to fool around.

Expensive cars, clothes and houses – trading promises to give you all of this just by clicking buy or sell. Even better, absolutely anyone can start doing this business and you only need a few thousand dollars to start.

“Money for nothing and chicks for free.” -Dire Straits

This is why you are totally amazed by the idea of trading the financial markets – forex, futures and stocks. Trading has been massively ‘hyped’ since the dawn of the Internet, even in the pre-Internet days, now with tens of thousands of websites dedicated to it, with new ones propping up every day.

You have most likely discovered the business of trading by visiting one of these sites. You’ve probably spent some time reading articles about technical analysis, watching videos on YouTube and looking at some charts.

It’s perfectly understandable that you don’t want to hear negative talk which may contradict the rosy outlook you’ve been fed so far – that trading is the easiest business ever, the way to financial freedom.

I’m sure that right now you would rather be watching a YouTuber tell you about their amazing strategy at made $4,682.34 in just one hour this morning.

I totally get it, because I was there, too. However, I wish I would have discovered a book like this from the start – it would save around 12 years of my precious time.

There are two assumptions I’m going to make, the first is that you are at the very beginning of your journey into trading, you know nothing, with very limited experience. The second is that you’ve been at this for a few months, perhaps even a couple years, and you’ve gone nowhere…sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down, perhaps you’ve even lost a good chunk of money and are bewildered by it all. In either of these cases I am very glad that you are reading my ebook. Because you are about to discover how to gain a significant advantage over other beginners.

Let’s be clear, you cannot expect to become a successful trader overnight. In reality, won’t happen even in a year. However – I believe that if you start with a realistic goal, sufficient capital and quality education, you will have an instant advantage over others.

This book is not about a trading strategy which promises wildly unrealistic profits, such books do not exist. This book is also not about portraying trading as the business in which everybody can succeed, most people fail. In fact 70% of all beginner traders blow up their first account in the first 90 days. And 90% of traders never achieve profitability.

That leaves 10% that do achieve profitability. And that’s what this book is about, how to realistically move your trading to the 10-percenter group. The prerequisites are that you must be serious about it, committed and willing to put in the time, develop the necessary discipline and skill…and adopt a philosophy and set of rules or tenets, by which you will conduct your business with trading. Simple.

Well, maybe not simple, but definitely worth it, as doing this will give you the greatest chance of joining the 10-percenters. One of my mentors was fond of saying…

“Trading is the hardest way to make easy money.” – G. Simmons

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