Trader Coaching and Training 4 Session Block


Coaching is the fastest and most effective ways to improve your trading. With the 4 session block we will design a short program for your specific needs, to develop a strategy or attend to a specific behavior or skill set that you want to improve.

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The most experienced and profitable traders have coaches and mentors, same in every profession. So, why would you think it should be different for you? This program will enhance your mental game and improve your trading performance.

Every coaching session that I conduct, whether it is an individual session or the full in-depth course, involves 6 steps:

  1. Identify the specific topic for the session
  2. Set goal or outcome for the session
  3. Coach: help to explore outcomes and actions
  4. Identify specific actions you will commit to
  5. Summarize actions. commitments and/or perspective shifts
  6. Accountability: Coach partners with you to hold you to commitment

Often I will suggest reading or homework, or other activities with follow-up. Including scheduling the next session. In the case of an individual session, there is a 10-15 minute followup session included in the price.


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